About Me

images2Some people are geeks. Some people are networking engineers. Some people are social. Some people aren’t always very funny but still try. I am all of that in one and proud of it! 🙂

I have worked in the computer industry in some form or fashion since I was 18 years old. Prior to that I was an avid gamer and have been utilizing computers since I was 14 years old including three years as a system operator of a local bulletin board dial-up computer system.

Over the years I’ve found my real passion was in the networking aspect of computer science although I have current experience with all levels of both *nix and Windows based System Administration. I have taught computer based training classes, consulted for outside firms, and set up policy guidelines for many types of security installations. I have completed both project management and CISSP training utilizing both aspects regularly in my day to day duties.

This is a career I have enjoyed immensely over the years and expect to do so for many more. I hope to continue making new contacts who share my goals and are similarly motivated to succeed.

Specialties:CCNA, MCP, A+, N+, MOUS

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