A new adventure

I’ve never done a blog before.
I never really intended to.
Famous last words I’m sure…

So, a co-worker asked me one day why I never actually posted “any of this stuff” online. By stuff I know he means all the information I’ve given out over years while explaining why something works, how I figured things out, my story of how I actually ended up in networking. Even a place for the occasional stupid joke I heard that was only funny in a geeky sort of way.

Another friend told me “I bet the grammar/spell check features of blogs nowadays have even advanced to the point where you can even sound half-way professional.” I didn’t say they were my best friend… 😉

My hope is that as I find things, post things, explain things, or even just sporadically document my life as a networking engineer / geek that somehow someone may find this and it will make their day just a little easier. These are my networds…

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